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Are Vitamins all 'hype'?

Vitamins: What, why, where, and how?
The ‘What’ depends on your ‘Why’. Why do you want to / have to/ need to take vitamins?

Is it GP recommended based on your last Doctor’s visit?
Is it based on a Nutritionists or Dietitians advice?
Do you have a prescribed medical condition which causes you not to produce/digest vitamins appropriately?

If the answer is ‘No’ to any of these, let me give you this: “Hmmmm…” (imagine I’m frowning at you too!).

The reason I’m frowning is because a l

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Top 5 original 'Superfoods'!

You can’t watch an advertisement about ‘healthy’ food, either on TV or online, without the food in question being termed a ‘Superfood’. Apparently, these ‘Superfoods’ only just came into existence a few years ago. Before that, we were just stuck with plain old boring ‘Health Foods. Or, heaven forbid, just food! Thank goodness ‘Superfoods’ have arrived! How have we ever survived so long without them?
Ok. Rich, get off your soapbox, Rant over.

In case you can’t tell, as a health and fitness pr

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Can't remember that person's name? Get more sleep!

Sleep is the most beneficial aspect of any health and fitness program!
More than nutrition, more than physical movement, sleep impacts EVERYTHING you do. You simply will not reach your fitness goals if you don’t get quality shut eye!

From a business and productivity point of view, this has other effects. Do you forget people’s names, or react irrationally sometimes after a poor nights sleep? Well, don’t feel like you’re Robinson Crusoe here! There is some science behind why this happens.

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Top 10 Exercise Myths! (Will Number #7 ever go away?)

Exercise. Fitness. Workout. Training.

There are so many names for just moving at an accelerated rate to increase your heart rate and/or your muscle mass. There are even more fallacies out there about what, how, why, where and when to do this.

This Infographic has the Top 10 Exercise Myths. I agree with most (not all) of these. It’s a great resource and well put together.

So what do you think? Are there any ‘myths’ on the list that you live by, or will you be nodding your head as you rea

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Sleep 101!


How much sleep did you get last night? How do you know whether it was enough? For over 70% of you, the answer will be “zzzz…not enough…zzz”!

Taking out distractions that you have little control over such as kids, new born babies, sickness etc, 65% of you aren’t quite sure why you’re not sleeping the requisite 7 to 9 hours per night!

And, want to lose weight, or put on muscle, or help fight depression? Sleep is the number one tool for each!

So read on, and we hope this info

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Should I be Fasting, and what is Ketosis?

If you are a PT, do Crossfit, Obstacle Racing, follow Bullet Proof Diet principles etc, then you would have heard about Ketosis. We already Posted about this via a great little infographic you can find here. BUT…what does Ketosis do to your body, and should you try it?


Ketosis oxidises (burns) fatty acids in the absence of glucose. This means your body is using fat as a fuel rather than sugar(s). ‘Ketones’ are what your body uses to do this.  A state of Fasting will need to

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Life saving supplements | Part 2 | Turmeric!

Turmeric: It’s what turns a good curry that yellowish-orange colour, is shaped like ginger, and it flights inflammation! How’s that for 3 random facts about this spice straight off?

It’s the latter anti-inflammatory effects that make this a life saving supplement, so it’s in good company with Magnesium (last week’s Post, click here to read more).

The Infographic below is supplied by Medicinal Plants Pharmacognosy, and I gotta say it’s very cool site about all natural medicinal healing remedies

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Re-Blogged: Top 5 Winter Training Tips!

The benefit of having 40+ Blog Posts is that I get to review older Posts, add new information, and refine them a little.

This Post that I’m re-Blogging was my first ever WordPress Post, and was written with those in the Southern Hemisphere in mind. I’ve tweaked it enough to include some new links, and to make a little more relevant for our friends in the Northern Hemisphere. Hope you all enjoy it!

Ah, autumn (or fall, if you’re reading this in the US or Canada!). Crisp, fresh mornin

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Life saving supplements | Part 1| Magnesium

DID YOU KNOW…that Magnesium is responsible for over 300 metabolic processes in our body? I didn’t either until this week, and I’m a big advocate of Magnesium!


Why? Well, it’s the ‘Supp’ that can help with:

Muscle cramps
Sleep, and
Re-hydration after exercise

This the first of a three-part post on what we consider the essential, natural supplements you can easily add into your daily routine. Thanks to Dr. Axe for supplying the infographic!


Sources and Notes:


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Food Cravings...

…I read ‘cravings’, I think Homer in the Simpsons salivating!

Anyway, this cheat sheet below makes a lot of sense in terms cheating actual food cravings.

Being a self-confessed choco-holic, the Magnesium one I knew about. And a bonus cheat for you: Tryptophan can be a precursor to signal the sleep chemicals in your body. Not sure I want to smash a sweet potato and spinach whilst lying in bed though…

Hope you get some use out of the Stepintomygreenworld infographic like I did!


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