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Oils 101 - Defendant #1: Rice Bran Oil!

If there is anything more confusing than how to eat Paleo (i’m not Paleo, but I am Paleo-ISH!), it has to be what constitutes as ‘good’, edible Oil, versus those that are ‘bad’, edible oils. So in an effort to shed light on this, I’m going down the scientific study paper route of getting rid of the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) around what edible oils you should have more of, and those you should avoid, one oil at a time!Here’s my disclaimer: One size does not fit all! This is the Core Health D

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Focus on the doughnut!

Donuts! To quote Homer Simpson. “Is there anything they can’t do?”

Well Homer, there are probably things they can do, such as being one of the most potently bad foods you can eat! However, this post isn’t about eating donuts, it’s about the ‘Zen’ behind the donut! Yep, Zen and donuts in one fell swoop!

So when you have a donut, what do you look at? Is it the colour to decide the flavor? You know, like pink for strawberry, brown for chocolate, green for…actually, I’m not quite sure what co

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Vitamins 101!

Vitamins! Some people swear by them, some swear off them! At Core Health Dynamics we are absolutely, 100%, undeniably…sitting on the fence!

In theory you should get enough Vitamins from sound nutritional planning, however the reality is most of us won’t get this, due to skipping meals, being busy which leads to poor food choices, being duped by food labeling into thinking we’re consuming something healthy, when in fact it probably isn’t…the list goes on!

So to help wade through the quagmir

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