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Dairy-free (well, almost...) sources of Calcium!

Calcium: your bones love it, your body needs it! But since we’ve been knee-high to a grass-hopper we’ve been told that Dairy* products are the only way to get it. Not so!

Thanks yet again to Chris Kresser, this table below shows foods with the highest sources of Calcium. Sure, Dairy is on there, but notice how there are only two sources of this in the Top Ten? In fact, vegetables and cold-water fish have a huge amount of Calcium to go along with all their other good stuff, and take up most of the top spots.

Use this as your Calcium cheat sheet, especially those of us who are on a Paleo (ish) nutrition plan.

Oh, and here’s a freebie: consume Calcium with Vitamin C for greater absorption of both! And there’s another free tip at the end of this article!


Paleo Calcium sources

Sources and Notes:

  • Free Tip #2: Collagen also gets absorbed much more effectively with Vitamin C!
  • Thanks for the Feature Image!

* Do you know how many times I kept spelling ‘Diary’, instead of ‘Dairy’?

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