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Food Cravings...

…I read ‘cravings’, I think Homer in the Simpsons salivating!

Anyway, this cheat sheet below makes a lot of sense in terms cheating actual food cravings.

Being a self-confessed choco-holic, the Magnesium one I knew about. And a bonus cheat for you: Tryptophan can be a precursor to signal the sleep chemicals in your body. Not sure I want to smash a sweet potato and spinach whilst lying in bed though…

Hope you get some use out of the Stepintomygreenworld infographic like I did!


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Natural Detox: Lemon Water!

OK, I’ll be the first to admit: Blogging about Lemon Water is not a riveting subject, to write about or to read.


…just turning this simple act into a daily habit has so many great benefits, I wanted to share it with you (except for the whole pH balance thing, ignore that, it’s been well and truly debunked!).

This infographic is little more entertaining than just reading about it too!

So, with a shout out to, try it out for 3 days and I guarantee you’ll

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Your Paleo Food guide!

Paleo can be so confusing! You can eat seeds, but not grains; eat nuts, but only certain types. And fruit? Yes…but at the same time, no!
Balanced Bites have put together this nice little infographic on eating Paleo. Hopefully it will save some confusion for you whether you are just starting out on this proven nutrition plan, or need clarification.

Sources and Notes:

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How to be an Optimist - Part 2!

Sources and Notes:http://www.livelifehappy.comĀ 

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Oils 101 - Defendant #1: Rice Bran Oil!

If there is anything more confusing than how to eat Paleo (i’m not Paleo, but I am Paleo-ISH!), it has to be what constitutes as ‘good’, edible Oil, versus those that are ‘bad’, edible oils. So in an effort to shed light on this, I’m going down the scientific study paper route of getting rid of the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) around what edible oils you should have more of, and those you should avoid, one oil at a time!Here’s my disclaimer: One size does not fit all! This is the Core Health D

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Hello! My name is Rich, and my Son has Autism!

That’s what it feels like most of the time telling someone you have a child who is on the Autism Spectrum. Sometimes it’s like admitting you have a problem, like being an alcoholic or drug user, who is trying to sober up or stay clean. It’s like a confession; like you’ve admitted to some deeply held secret.

And then you wait for the face. The other persons face. The eyes instantly narrow a little as the mouth opens slightly, and from it comes the sound “oh'”! Pure pity. The other person, whethe

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Supplements 101| Natural anti-inflammatory's!

Inflammation has been shown to be a pre-cursor of a lot of modern-day illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular related sickness! Additionally, inflammation around your bodies joints can take a real toll on you when trying to physically workout, or even just to move functionally.

The anti-inflammatory supplements blogĀ has all the right information on the top 6 natural supplements which can help! I take Turmeric tablets twice a day, and add it to my Paleo Bone Broth too. Does it wo

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Core Health Dynamics | Top 3 reasons to train on a cold, dark morning!

If i could say one thing about working out, it would be this: “People, train hard in Winter!” You will reap the benefits of maintaining year round conditioning and fitness, from reduced susceptibility to colds and flu’s, more motivation in all aspects of your life, and of course keeping that dreaded Winter body fat at bay!

Want more reasons? See below:

3) Train like no else is watching!

It’s easy to do, cause no one else will actually be watching! Have you noticed how many people on exercise

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How to be an Optimist!



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The 'Burnt out, I feel like crap' equation (and solution)!

Do you feel constantly fatigued, yet unable to sleep?
Do you find it hard to concentrate on one thing, without a dozen other things trying to crowd your thoughts for attention?
Do you feel ‘tired but wired’? That is, you feel like you need to sleep for a week, but when you try to get a decent, deep sleep, your body and mind just won’t switch off?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these, then congratulations my friend, you are on the cusp of burning out, or some sort of physical, mental, or emotio

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