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Workplace Resilience

Core Health Dynamics partners with organizations to enhance individual resilience and team culture, increase talent retention and talent acquisition, and ensure employees are more engaged and with more energy!

A healthier, happier, more balanced workforce is a more resilient workforce!

A quarterly health and fitness service sold as a package to organisations that includes Personal Training, Nutritional Planning and advice, stress management techniques, work/life integration, corporate sporting event training, fitness testing, assist in overall health testing. Nutritional Planning can include individual meal analysis, eating plans, and corporate travel meal planning.

"After not doing much in the way of fitness training for a couple of years I decided I wanted a big challenge before my impending 40th! Not one to go by halves I signed up with Oxfam & Inspired Adventures to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. I was introduced to Rich Farrell and I liked the idea of working with a trainer who also came from a corporate IT background, someone who understood the job, travel and networking/socialising aspects. After 4 months of training I set off to Africa and I’m very proud to say that I successfully reached the summit of Kilimanjaro! The secret to my success was the training plan Rich built for me!" Cheryl M.

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